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Waiver / Disclaimer: I understand and agree fully to the following: This is an informal estimation of the fair market liquidation value of the artwork submitted, based upon the estimator’s assumption that the information I have provided is accurate. The value estimate shall be formulated by the estimator’s professional and discretionary assessment of the quality, condition, and present market desirability of the artwork submitted, combined with the average consignor net price realized at public auction, for a comparable work by the same artist. The value estimate figure may be lower or higher than my painting’s actual market value. This value estimate is for unofficial and preliminary valuation only, and will not be used for purposes of authentication, estate/asset liquidation, insurance, auditing, or taxation. Should I attempt to use this value estimate for such purposes, such usage will be at my own risk, and I hereby indemnify and release the Kelley Gallery from any and all liability or loss connected to same.

If you are in possession of an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING or WATERCOLOR and would like a free value estimate as per the above terms, please fill in the form below as fully as possible. SORRY BUT WE DO NOT EVALUATE PRINTS.

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Please describe your picture giving as much detail as possible. Medium: e.g. oil, water-painting, pastel, drawing, photograph, etc.
Please describe, sketch, or send photographs of any signatures or monograms.
Please detail accurately any damage or wear. Although repairs are often difficult to detect, try to describe any flaw or other evidence of restoration. For example: rips, holes, stains.
Please describe the source of your object, especially with regard to its original ownership and/or recent history. Did you, for instance, buy it from an antique dealer or inherit it from your family?
Please also include any other comments or information that you believe might help us to help you.

Maximum file size: 314.57MB

For best value estimate results: Please send crisp, clear photographs of your painting (taken outdoors to avoid flashback/glare). Please be aware that in certain cases we may be unable to be of assistance.